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The nursery, l'orto, the garden

A real challenge: to revive a special piece of land, yet abandoned. Pescasseroli is W, recently formed in association, has a plan

October 06, 2012 Hours W
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Snow in mid-April

Fotonotizia of 15/4/2014 In the middle of April, are back compact clouds and snowflakes in the afternoon (the image of the hours 18 about),

April 15, 2014 Fotonotizia
suor Gianrosina 1

Sr. dies Gianrosina

Class 1935, today would have been 79 age. She left last night, after praying for hours in vigil for Don Daniel. Se

April 15, 2014 News and current affairs
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Funeral of Fr Daniel Mussa streaming

Cerimonia funebre per il parroco don Daniel Mussa trasmessa da Pescasseroli è W. Religious celebration live from hours 10.30 dall’abbazia dei Ss Pietro e

April 14, 2014 News and current affairs
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Death of Don Daniel: Pescasseroli mourners at the funeral prepares

The day after the death of Abbot parish priest Fr Daniel Mussa, Pescasseroli Lost, try to react and prepare for funeral. La parrocchia medita

April 14, 2014 News and current affairs
don Daniele Mussa 1

Fr Daniel has failed

He died suddenly, Abbot parish priest Fr Daniel Pescasseroli Mussa. It failed for a heart attack within a day of celebration. So, the Sunday

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Deer Crossing

Fotonotizia of 11/4/2014 - Crossing Deer Prudence to guide! A beautiful deer crosses the SR 83 Marsicana, Nearby Barrea

April 11, 2014 Fotonotizia
raggi di primavera in Val Fondillo 0

Rays Spring Valley Fondillo

Fotonotizia of 9/4/2014 - Rays of spring in the Val Fondillo A warm sun illuminates the vegetation around the creek and Fondillo, slow, the forest begins

April 09, 2014 Fotonotizia
dottoressa 0

Searching for medical campus in July

Notice to a young woman doctor. That's what I look for the Campus Esselle Polisportivo & Interactive English, based Gaeta (Latin), per campus was

Pescasseroli dog days '14 0

With dogs 25 and 26 April to “Pescasseroli dog days”

Two days of dog walking and mobility dog ​​in nature, of fun to learn about the four-legged friends along with dog training.

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Cori marsican gathered in the Easter concert for the victims of the earthquake

Fotonotizia of 7/4/2014 - Cori marsican gathered in the Easter concert for the victims of the earthquake at five years, and in commemoration of the victims of

April 08, 2014 Fotonotizia
pulizia SR83 Salviamo l'Orso 0

Street cleaning Marsicana by Joy

Work continues on SR 83 Marsicana for the design of road safety association non-profit organization Save the Bear, that we reported in this article. In the week,

April 05, 2014 News and current affairs
Passione vivente Barrea 0

The passion alive 2014 A Laughter

The traditional representation of the Passion of living Barrea, also lives in the celebrations of Easter this year, attracting audiences from all over the district. After busy

libri Premio Croce 2014 0

Cross Award 2014, the jury indicates the finalists

Proceeds the preparation phase edition 2014 the National Prize of Culture Benedetto Croce, that will be assigned to Pescasseroli days 1 and 2 August.

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