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Dead director Rosi, visited Pescasseroli

"I attended a very beautiful place like Pescasseroli", had declared the great Neapolitan director Francesco Rosi, passed away at the age of 92 last years 10 January. The interview was released to the newspaper Il Centro. Rosi remains one of the major protagonists of Italian cinema. Salvatore Giuliano, Christ Stopped at Eboli,...

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Recovered one ski touring for an accident

It took a few hours of time and the coordinated efforts of the men's ski patrol, mountain rescue of the Guardia di Finanza, of 118 and the Red Cross to assist ski touring expeditions Saturday 10 January 2015 fell on a piste at the ski resort Pescasseroli. In the morning, on...

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Skialp Bear, race in the mountains of Pescasseroli

A ski mountaineering race will be held on January 11 2015, all ore 10:30, in the ski resort Pescasseroli. This is the first appointment of the day Skialp Parks (Trophy La Sportiva). The sporting event is organized by the Amateur Sports Pescasseroli in collaboration with High Altitude, Association of hoteliers and restaurateurs, City of...

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Best wishes 2015 Pescasseroli is W

“Welcome wanderer, if you keep your face reflected in the mirrors of ice in these mountains, recognize something of yourself, and if you open your heart to this land, perhaps discover a new place to call home“. [V.] MERRY 2015 Pescasseroli is W