cancello stradale vivaio 4

The nursery, l'orto, the garden

A real challenge: to revive a special piece of land, yet abandoned. Pescasseroli is W, recently formed in association, has a plan

October 06, 2012 Hours W
Volevo dirle tante cose Roberta De Santis Pescasseroli 0

In Pescasseroli “I wanted to tell her so many things” with Roberta De Santis

Wednesday 20 August 2014 all ore 18 in the council chamber of the City of Pescasseroli is presented by Pro Loco Pescasseroli the novel by Robert De

Civitella Alfedena Folk festival 2014 0

Folk DOC in Civitella Alfedena with his fourteenth festival

The well-known international festival of ethnic music organized by the municipality of Civitella Alfedena and the Association of Latin Mantice is staged by the 24 to the 30

mostre scuderie Sipari 0

Two artists in exhibition: Tiziana Cera Rosco Rosco Brown and Principia, Personal painting Pescasseroli

Up to 31 August 2014 Stables of Palazzo Curtains, the Pescasseroli, host the personal painting Principia Bruna Rosco and Tiziana Cera

Alice nel paese del teatro Pescasseroli 2014 9 ago 0

Children in the party and "Pullecenella Cetrulo", grand finale of "Alice in the theater"

The 9 August ends with an appointment in the afternoon and one evening "Alice in the theater", festival included in the summer program 2014 for

Francesco Sportelli Pescasseroli 0

Francesco Doors live trio Pescasseroli

Friday 8 August from hours 22:30 Francesco Doors playing live in Pescasseroli the resto-pub Mastronicola in Viale Principe di Napoli. The musical program in

locandina antichi sapori Pescina 2014 0

Traditional flavors of Silone and Mazzarino Pescina

"One summer night in an ancient village, between music, dancing and fine wine, following a path that will lead to the stars!"This is how the event

tracce archeologiche nel PNALM 0

Presentation of the book â € Oele archaeological traces in the National Park dâ € ™ Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise "

Friday 8 August at 17:00 at the Service Center in Villa Park Barrea, Giusy Colantoni and Claudia Dituri will present the book traces

Correre nel Parco Opi estate 2014 0

Running in the Park, IX edition

The next 16 August will see the ninth edition of the race non-competitive track "Running in the Park", of 8 kilometers. The departure is scheduled for

August 07, 2014 Sport, Tour
Il sogno del teatro Maraini Pescasseroli 0

The dream of the theater: the passion of the Maraini presented in Pescasseroli by Pino Strabioli

A Pescasseroli will be presented by Pino Strabioli book dream theater. Chronicle of a passion of Dacia Maraini and Eugenio Murrali. The appointment, organized

seggiovia Scanno-Colle Rotondo 0

Igloo communicates the summer opening of the lifts in Scanno

The company Pescasseroli Igloo, new manager of the lifts Scanno, communicates l'apertura stowage As low as sabato 9 August 2014, everyday

August 07, 2014 News and current affairs
Alice nel paese del teatro Pescasseroli 2014 8 ago 0

In the fairy tale scene in Pescasseroli "Conductors"

Friday 8 August, penultimate day of programming within the framework of the festival "Alice in the theater" in Pescasseroli, signed by Florian Tsi (read more here).

estate Alfedena 2014 0

Alfedena, calendar shows summer 2014

Dall’8 al 30 August, a series of events is the billboard for the summer 2014 of the City of Alfedena, to about 30 km of Pescasseroli. In

CRI Manovra PNA 0

"Maneuver" of the Italian Red Cross in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The Italian Red Cross calls on Friday 8 August 2014 all ore 16:30 the inauguration of the "Maneuver Nationalpark d'Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise ", in the field of CRI

August 06, 2014 News and current affairs
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